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Rabu, 15 Juni 2016

Conquer the World by Increasing Spirit of Writing

Written by Ummahatul Mu’minin*

 Writing is work for eternity. That is Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s expression, one of Indonesia legendary writers, in which his creation is being enjoyed by readers up to now. It cannot be denied, that writing is one of useful activities, either for our self or other people.

Writing is an activity that produces an idea systematically toward writing or meditating over, explore knowledge, develop an idea, then produce it. From that explanation mentioned above, there are for substances in it, those are; writer who conveys the message, message or content of the writing, medium writing, and reader who receives the message.
Discussed about writing, it cannot be separated from reading. Both of them – reading and writing – are like two of currency side. Both support its portray and function each other. If one of them is not optimized, so another should not be realized.
Indonesian habit in reading and writing are still very low. Without comparing with advanced country as English, France, Germany, or United States of America (USA), in Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) region, Indonesia’s rank in reading and writing habit is still low. Due to the fact, that our country occupies on the third rank in ASEAN region, or over Cambodia and Laos. Certainly, that condition is quite apprehensive. According to National Index, Indonesian reading interest level is only 0,01 percent. Besides, index of advanced country reading interest level is about 0,45 up to 0,62 percent.
Refer to result of United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) survey in 2011, that index of Indonesia’s rank in reading is 0,001 percent. So, only a person from a thousand Indonesian who still wants to read book seriously. This fact places Indonesia’s rank in 124th from 187 countries in Human Development Index (HDI).
Automatically, the lowed reading interest’s problem of Indonesian is having an affect on writing interest. Because, to write needs many information, references, interest, and of course spirit from writer himself. In fact, Indonesian enthusiasm in writing prefer write words on Facebook, Twitter, BBM, WA to useful writing like scientific or literature. This is an irony, that social media has spoiled us, made writing activity being useless because they are not serious for writing diligently.
Whereas, command for writing had been suggested either by past or modern intellectual. Moreover, in al Quran (Al Alaq [96]: 1-5), directive book of moslem, writing command had been included in first revelation, that been descended to Muhammad, after commanding of reading. Allah had places word iqra with sentence ‘allama bi al qalam, which meant who has taught (the writing) by the pen. Indeed, Abdullah bin ‘Amr, moslem intellectual, said qayyidu al ilma bi al kitabah, which meant compose the knowledge by writing. Cannot be imagined, how is moslem’s journey, if their directive book, al Quran, had not been written by shahabat of Muhammad. According to Gordon Smith, an England politician in eighteenth century, said that:

Reading without writing as like owned piled wealth, but it was not exploited. Writing without reading as like took water from dried well. Neither reading nor writing, as like a poor man fell in to well full of water.     
            Unfortunately, after reading habit had invested, still there are obstacles to write. Therefore, here are the solutions how to solve the problem:
1.      Exploiting the Time Well
Everyone has twenty four hours in a day, seven days in a week. By the same portion of time, certainly, it is enough supplies to write. Yet, for being a writer, we have to exploit the time well. At the least, we have to prepare the time more less an hour up to two hours a day to write. Then, time will not be wasted; conversely it will be useful time.
2.      Consistency in Writing
Lazy is enemy for writer, either beginner or professional writer. If it is allowed, writing activity will not be realized. So, if it comes, write continuously. Actually, the big enemy does not come from external, but from our self. So conquer all obstacles, in order we are able to be consistent in writing.
3.      Being Confident Writer
Mostly, beginners in writing are not confident with their creation. They consider that their writing are bad and improper to be read. Besides writer block, one of writing troubles, less confident is also a trouble in writing. It causes writer being stagnant to write. So that, no matter, how other people say about our writing, we have to be confident with it.
4.      Following Writing Competition
            After writing habit has been realized well. Furthermore, how to know quality of our writing. Following writing competition is one of ways to know that. Even, it is not main way, but it helps us to know about lacking or excess of our writing.
            In addition, to grind writer’s ability, exactly for student or university student, they need an institution or community to give facility for writing. They can follow press institution in their school or campus. Thus, writing habit will be always realized.
            In short, writing is noble activity which has many advantages for us our self or other people. All the more, if our writing is read and gave benefit for readers, so immediately we have done a kindness and will be reminded by other people. Have a nice writing!

 *Student of Sunan Ampel University, Faculty of Dakwah and Communication, Islamic Guidance and Counseling Department, second semester.  

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