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Sabtu, 04 Juni 2016

Progress of Education in Indonesia

Nur Azizah A. Rahma*
Talking about education in Indonesia, we just face some formality programme. We can find many unique things about it. As we know Independent of Indonesia was 1945. So, when did education in Indonesia begin? Education is done everytime without we relize it. In this moment, we always blame the time. However, history always give the evaluation for next. For some people look that the responsibility of education just in formal education. Actually the almost important for determine the next generation is character building. And almost all the problem in this era is based on the less of moral and spiritual value.

Education in this era doesn’t give the propotional side between IQ, EQ, and SQ. Actually three of this component must be balance in order to be the amazing generation. IQ, without ES and SQ, it just like knowladge just for the self. So, how does the condition education in Indonesia in past?
The condition eduction Indonesia in the past wasn’t same like now. We know that this era there are many kinds of technology and renewal. At the past, we wouldn’t find anytechnology as renewal as now. And for teaching or formality prosess, we just used a simple tools, like; board, chalk, etc. If we look now, we can use our gadge for help our studying and support our lesson. But, there are many possitive side that lose in this era. One of them is dicipline. As we listen the story from parents or our grandparent that evertyday they go to school ontime, did their homework ontime, and many dicipline value applied. And if they didn’t do it, they would get the punishment. But now, we can look, there are many of student might lose it.
How about the progress now? From digital technology era, many ways how to find the lesson by internet it make use easy find anything. We can get it easily and fastly. We can study everywhere. This era there is kind of curiculum that has planed for future. But, the negative side, from internet needs filter. Specially from familiy, as the nearst person around us. Child must get this right for love and care. And for the curriculum, it just reaches the plan and forget about balance it between IQ, EQ, and SQ. So, we can analys that children in this era are likely naughty, and less about the insight or knowladge about social. And what must we plan for the next education? History never given any bad sides. It gives us many lesson to learn.  
Education in Indonesia must thank full for ‘Pondok Pesantren’ or Boarding School. Because, they have gien many possitive lesson that never be given except in boarding school. As like, how to survive the life althougt life far from family and solve the problem by ourselves.
*Student of Islamic Community Development 2015 from Jombang

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